Hyper MWS
Nickname Hyper MWS
Location Japan
Sex Male

Hyper MWS's timeline

  1. Hyper MWS
    registered a photo. 10/24(Sat) 15:49
    • (2-4b)A7307779raw H+30 SD+30 +0.15EV (2) SPT 1024x682
    • (2-2b)A7307826raw H+50 +0.28EV 682x1024
  2. Hyper MWS
    registered a photo. (All 19 photos) 10/24(Sat) 12:37
    • (1-1)A7306671raw H+50 D-OPTOFF NR85 +0.24EV AGL TR 1024x682
    • (1-3)A7306810raw 風景 C+20 H+30 NR -0.33EV TR (2) SPT 1024x682
    • (1-5)A7306980raw C+30 H+50 AGL -0.33EV TR (2) 682x1024
    • (1-6)A7306981raw C+10 H+20 AGL -0.28EV TR (2) SPT 1024x682

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Not only send a message, you can paste a photo, or graffiti.
I can write at a time also on the bulletin board of a lot of friends. For more infoPlease take a look at help